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love. cardona-

Para ti:

Por favor trata estas palabras con respeto.

Before we do any "religious" or "spiritual" ritual, there is one important and simple rule. Treat each other with human dignity with love and without any personal agenda.

If you see a person in need on the way to your Temple, Church, Mosque or Synagogue, remember that God want you to be good to others BEFORE you come to him.
If you are late to the service because you helped others, God will look at you like a father is proud of his child's achievement. Don't hurt anybody, don't cheat and don't lie, especially to yourself. If you still have negativity to cleanse and you find yourself in a place of worship, have a simple prayer from the bottom of your broken heart. "God, please help me clean my act, help me love others like myself". Just repeat it again and again and again and again until you feel the light comes in. (I did it myself countless times in the past until I felt no more anger or hate toward others). Only then I took a prayer book into my hands.

Love and Blessings

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