miércoles, agosto 15, 2012

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To the International Community

As it has been reported by the independent press, the independent electoral observers, the social media and the civil movements, Mexico is undergoing an electoral emergency. After international reports by the independent media, such as The Guardian newspaper about extended manipulation of the electorate by the Mexican television networks in favor of Enrique Peña Nieto, the Presidential candidate of the PRI (Revolutionary Institutional Party). The entire electoral process, and the polls on July 1st were marred by a wide array of fraudulent electoral practices. With enormous amounts of illegal money, exceeding all legal spending limits, millions of poor voters were bought off or coerced by the PRI agents all around the country, either with cash or the use of supermarket cards and presents, and electoral results were altered in a significant number of poll stations. 

Despite the growing evidence of electoral criminal activity, on the night of July 1st the televisionnetworks, most of the media and the Mexican government coalesced in misrepresenting the voting preliminary results and exit polls were fashioned to stage a media spectacle, granting Peña Nieto a narrow victory of about 6% above independent candidate López Obrador. Furthermore, in an effort to manipulate public opinion and electoral preferences, during the entire campaign every polls gave Peña Nieto a lead of over 15 points, even 3 days before Sunday election.

On July 4th, the IFE (the Electoral Federal Institue) announced that there are irregularities on 77% of the reported results from the voting polls. —20% of proven irregularities is enough to invalidate the election results— So the votes are being counted again. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that this will be a clean process, given the disastrous track record of corruption and collusion between the PRI and the IFE. 

However, according to the law the electoral process is far from finished: the votes are yet to be officially counted and reviewed, and all the due legal process about irregularities and fraud has not even started. The Federal Electoral Tribunal must be accountable, must be objective and evaluate in true manner the evidences of the many illegalities during the election. Both the independent electoral observers like Alianza Cìvica, and the opposition have denounced the unreliability and manipulation of the polls. The #132 student movement has been constantly demonstrating in the streets calling the population to resist the electoral fraud.
Mexico is still yet to enjoy a proper democraticand equitable electoral process, and needs international media, governments and citizens to stop the simulation of democracy. We call the international public to please review the evidence of electoral fraud in the independent press, and call for a proper accounting and cleaning of the July 1st poll. Democracy and the rule of law in Mexico are a matter of global justice and social and economical stability.Please defend the electoral rights of the Mexican people. Demand the electoral authority to review the polls according to the law and to control the attempts of the government and media to endorse a result that is full of irregularities and has not been legally fulfilled. 

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