lunes, julio 23, 2007

Ai Weiwei

un artista chino brillante pero con un nombre nada grato para la cultura mexicana "Ai wei wei"..pese a ésta extraña casualidad, Wei wei ha realizado una obra bastante peculiar. A continuación dejo un copypaste de una artículo fresquesito que acaban de enviarme vía messenger. Informándome antes de su legítima publicación, qué fue de la reacción de esta obra en el documenta12 en kassel.

gracias finas a mi querido amigo raulito.

otra de sus obras:
"forever". ai weiwei

Ai Weiwei
The last group of 1001 Chinese guests visiting Kassel and the documenta 12 in the
last weeks, contributing to Ai Weiwei's artistic work Fairytale in the process, have
now left, setting out on their journey back to Peking, Shanghai or the Chinese
provinces. The visitors are taking with them a wealth of images and experiences,
collected during the course of this experimental journey, a journey which has also
left its mark on the "hosts" here in Kassel. 
The enthusiasm with which the visitors were met exceeded all expectations: bicycles
were collected, football tournaments were organised and crash courses in Chinese
were attended. On a daily basis new invitations for joint activities with the
Chinese guests arrived. In Nordstadt, home to the 1001 guests and a district of
Kassel which has a rich history of travel and migration, the commitment was
especially spontaneous and self evident: Chinese characters were added to the
signposts, the Döner restaurant was transformed into a Karaoke bar.
Ai Weiwei expressly thanked the people of Kassel for their wonderful hospitality and
their willingness to participate in his planned "Meeting of two different cultures".
In answer to the question whether he was sad now that all the guests had left, Ai
Weiwei replied: "No, they are all still here - in memory."
Fairytale continues on its journey: in the countless images and encounters generated
by this documenta 12 work, Fairytale lives on and will continue to develop through
the books and films planned by Ai Weiwei.
In the press section of our website you can download high
resolution pictures relating to Fairytale.
"Fairytale" from Ai Weiwei was financed by the Leister Foundation, Switzerland, the
Erlenmeyer Stiftung, Switzerland and the Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing - Lucerne.

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